Make Summer Yummer with some Cool New Flavors!

We know it’s hot outside, but we’re working to make it all better with some yummy new flavors for the summer! For fans of our Goat Yogurt (and there are many), we have a tasty new flavor: Goat Yogurt with Fresh Fig Compote! Plus, we have a new Ginger Peach Sorbetto and a cooling Yellow Watermelon with Basil Sorbetto that’s bound to make the hot days just a bit easier. Plus, new to our Elite 24 is a yummy Red Velvet Cake gelato and a fresh Nectarine Sorbetto!

For those keeping track, that makes over 80 different gelato & sorbetto flavors that have graced our display case since opening just over six months ago. Our dairy-free sorbetti are so refreshing during the hot summer days. Plus, any of our flavors can be made into a milkshake. Come on in, and let us help you Make Summer Yummer!

It’s our Six-Month Birthday!

Today (June 17), we celebrate six months of being open! In our short existence, we’ve featured over 75 different flavors of artisan gelato & sorbetto, and we are thankful for the many people that have come through our doors (and even more thankful for those who keep coming back!).

In celebration of our half-year, we’re offering a super secret special! Get 20% off gelato today just by coming in and saying “Happy Monthiversary!” Offer valid today only for gelato (excludes retail). Plus, you can try our newest flavor, Yellow Watermelon with Basil Sorbetto! Yellow watermelon is sweeter than regular watermelon, so don’t miss this tasty limited-edition flavor! If you’re so inclined, you can even combine it with our new Minted Cantaloupe Sorbetto flavor for added melony goodness.

Thanks again for your support! Drop by and see us, and look for our new Gelato flag that is hopefully flying high on Metairie Road (and not laying down impeding traffic across Metairie Rd– that would be bad).

Celebrating the Holidays…

We love celebrating the holidays, so we have a new flavor to commemorate the Jewish holiday of Shavuot which begins tonight! On this festival, which celebrates the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, it is customary to eat dairy foods (as King Solomon in Song of Songs compares Torah “like milk and honey, it lies under your tongue”). Plus, on this holiday, it was customary to present first fruits from the harvest. So, as we start a yummy blueberry season, enjoy our newest flavor: Blueberry Cheesecake Gelato!

On less of a religious note, today is also “National Chocolate Ice Cream Day,” for which you can celebrate by having our Chocolate Gelato, Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato, or Rocky Road Gelato flavors! Mocha, too, although I’m not sure if that’s what the framers of the day intended…